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Balltrap laser

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what is it?

The attraction which makes "fly" each time!!!

On the same principles and the materials(equipments) as the real balltrap (naturally the mechanism of firing was replaced by an electronic device(plan) to smart card with transmitter-receiver), the balltrap laser allows a simplified, secure, ecological and playful practice from 10-12 years, as much for the novices as for the experts.

Everything is electrically managed, of the rifle in the discount of points.

System of outside but also internal game(set,play) with decoration(set) of shooting(firing) according to your wish (hunting, war, zombie)

Come to indulge yourselves for parts(parties) up to 5 shooters at the same time.

- From 10-12 years
- Up to 5 shooters at the same time

Service(Performance) 1 or 2 hours (without automatic cash dispenser(ticket office))
- 150€ / hour for 10 people or 290€ / 2h
- + additional 12€ / person (maxi 15 participants by session)

Service(Performance) a day (without automatic cash dispenser(ticket office))
- Not known staff(size)
- 800€ (till maximum 6 hours)

Service(Performance) a day (with automatic cash dispenser(ticket office), for type Balltrap's demonstration(appearance), demonstrations(appearances) general public, village feast, 4€ / pers.)
- 10 tray(plateau) by series
- Not known staff(size)
- 200€ basic salary (in a 50 km beam(shelf)) + automatic cash dispenser(ticket office)
- 400€ basic salary (in an upper beam(shelf) in 50km) + automatic cash dispenser(ticket office)
- Prize(lot) to the winner(conqueror) of every series
Possibility of a price list(rate) automatic cash dispenser(ticket office) higher with a part for the organizing structure (exple 5€ price list(rate): 4€ for our structure and 1€ for the organizing structure)