What could be more natural than to discover our Territory in bivouac. 

Two options offer themselves to you, to feet or in MOUNTAIN BIKE. Come to live a human adventure and on exeptionnelle cooperation.

To the program, naturally, of the bike or the hike, but not that, because you will also be applied diverse sports of your choice parmis all our activities. 

An example of bivouac on 2 days and one night:

- arrived at 10 am, MOUNTAIN BIKE, lunch, orientation then laser tag, MOUNTAIN BIKE, assembly(editing) of the camp, the dinner, run and bike night-, overnight stay

- breakfast, MOUNTAIN BIKE, meal, archery then biathlon laser

But naturally, we adapt ourselves to all your proposals.

Activities in the choice, till 3 nights.

All the necessity is supplied, mountain bike, meal, dishes(crockery), only activities tents are to be planned(to plan). Nevertheless, we can give a big tent of 20 sleepings around.


What IS IT ?

What we do?